References from our costumers

Alexander G. 15-2-2012
Ok, cool. I took a look at an enduro needle bearing a friend of mine is using. Surprisingly there was only bearing, inner ring and spacers that was it. No sealing at all. And Amachete has much better overall quality! Keep on rocking, Eduardo :D

Greetings from Finland!
I have been riding about 100km now after installing the Kit Roller.
I am very satisfied. Rear suspensions beginning stroke feels more sensitive than before. I also put two clicks more rebound and now the bike feels great to ride in our local trails (much small rocks and roots)
This little bearing upgrade was worth of every cent.

Helge T. 22-5-2011

Being a rather slow mechanic I haven't had the opportunity to test it until yesterday. I changed the damper and all the bearings in the rear suspension as well, and it's like a completely new bike. Damper settings make a difference now that the friction is so low. Install was fairly easy, also love the tool. Very happy with both the product and your service, and will recommend to anyone who's interested.