Roller Kit

Shock eye needle bearing conversion kit for all bicycles and shocks.

 Suspension Bearings Kits

Spare parts, rebuild and upgrade Kits.

 Amachete Press Tools

Press In/Out the original DU buhsing and our Roller Kit. Fast and easy to handle

 Titanium Springs

Still in testing phase.



Take advantage of our special offers and discounts when purchasing our Roller Kit and Suspension Bearings Kits:

Roller Kit: Free shipment cost if you order the second Roller Kit for your shock.

Roller Kit: Free shipment cost in Roller Kit if you order it with a friend.

Amachete Press Tool : For only 14,52 euros more, get a press in/out tool when ordering your shock eye Roller Kit.


All our products could be called "functional products" because come to meet real needs of users and riders who seek the perfection of their bicycles. We have innovative ideas reflected in unique products that, additionally we offer through a highly specialized service. Here are some references and opinions about our products:

Costumers Roller Kit
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Reference Roller Kit
Reference Roller Kit