Roller Kit Order Form

You can leave spaces in blank if you have any doubt, we´ll help you. Once the form has been sent, we´ll contact you to finalize the order and payment details. The information you supply here will be used only to contact you and will not be shared with third parties. Make sure you have spelled correctly your e-mail and shipping information.


Name and surname
Shipment address
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Bicycle: model and year
Bicycle type
1. Shock: brand & model
DUPLICATE FIELDS (free shipment if you order two or more Roller Kits)
2. Mount width
3. Axle diameter
Press tool
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KIT SIZE: If it is too difficult to obtain these measurements yourself, we have a database where we can find the required kit for your model. However, due to the large variations of measurements in some models during the same production year, it is always best to take the measurements directly from the bike you want to adapt. If it is not possible for you, fill in the rest of the form and leave these spaces blank, we will help you.

MULTIPLE ROLLER KIT ORDERS: If you need Kits for several bikes, please when ordering specify it in the comments section.

PRESS TOOL: When placing your order, you might want to include the extractor which will help you disassemble the original bushing as well as install the Roller Kit.

COLOR OF THE KIT: for some models we have kits available in gold or red colors, tell us your preference in field comments (availability not guaranteed).

STORES: Ask us about special discounts.

If you still have doubts about ordering do not hesitate to "contact" us.

Which Kit do I need ?

We need 3 data that you can get easily from your bike, as it is shown in the pictures.
We have a database to facilitate them to you, but for a better fit and avoid confusions, it is better to take them directly from the bike. If it is not possible for you to get them, fill in the rest of the form and leave the following spaces in blank, we´ll help you:


2. MOUNT WIDTH:  Remove the end of the shock where you want to install the Roller kit and measure the width of the mount as shown in the photo.



3. AXLE DIAMETER: Confirm the diameter (6, 8 or 10 mm):